The RiteWing AeroWorks are now open

Everyone knows that RiteWing develops winners.  Not everyone knows that The RiteWing AeroWorks BUILDS winners as well.  The AeroWorks is the custom build hangar where all of RiteWing’s airframes are available in various stages of complete to satisfy your specific needs.  From completely built, and ready to fly ships with all the bells and whistles to something less complete but ready for paint and electronics,  the AeroWorks can do whatever you need.


If time is not your friend, but you still need to fly the best then a quality built or partially built solution from the RitewWing AeroWorks is the solution for you.


Visit the site and submit your build request as soon as possible.


Also, be sure and stop by often and look at what is already available to be shipped right away.

Ritewing Store Update

Bulk Packs

A lot of new airframes have shown up in the hanger in the past few weeks and every one of them is generating a lot of interest at the races. If you are a member of a club, if you have a group of friends all interested in the same airframe be sure to hit Chris directly at and inquire about pricing and availability.

Some of the Available Bulk Packs

  • Rite Spec Wing
  • Mini Drak
  • Hard Core 44
  • Hard Core 24
  • Others

RiteWing Goes to the Races

Whether you race, you are building your plane to race or you just fly FPV you have undoubtedly heard that RiteWing has re-entered the hobby market with a vengeance and everyone is talking about life in the prop wash of a Drak or a Hard Core.

This is only going to get more interesting as sponsored pilot Shelby Volrath is making his mark with his RiteWing arsenal.  See him below at the CFL FPV Event.


The Mini Draks Have Landed!

The shipment of baby Draks have landed and pre-orders are being fulfilled now.

See the website for your chance to own one of your own. The Drak, The Mini Drak and all the rest of the Ritewing Airforce are really making an impact at the races, the park and everywhere FPV is being flown.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get airborne with your very own RiteWing Rc aircraft.

Mini Drak News

Mini Drak update, hey guys here is a copy and paste I just received from the molder.
Hi Chris,
I received confirmation that the production order should be available during the third week in January (around January 16-18) and I will schedule the container to pick up as soon as the order is ready.
Our EPP plant is shut down from December 22 to January 2 and they are scheduling the production run as soon as they can. Then they have their yearly boiler inspection the first weeks of January to contend with too.
Sadly this is taking a couple weeks longer than I had anticipated (which can directly be tracked to the Christmas break and this inspection).
I will update you as I receive new info.